We carry a very wide range of Asian groceries. In order to take a look at our complete range of products, please contact us by phone or e-mail and request our current and detailed price list.  You are always welcome to call us for questions.


Our assortment includes:


    - Frozen foods:         - Meat, such as beef, pork, sheep, kangaroo and more

                                        - Poultry, such as duck, chicken, turkey

                                        - Seafood, such as shrimp, catfish, redfish etc.

                                        - Sushi-Topping

                                        - Vegetables

         - Pasta


    - Dry goods:              - Rice

                                        - Noodles

                                        - Bamboo

                                        - Specialities, sauces, spices

                                        - Drinks, such as exotic juices, beer spirits

                                        - Non-Food items, such as packaging, cleaning products, napkins


    - Fresh products:     - Vegetables

                                        - Tofu

                                        - Eggs