In the early 70's a small family-owned butchery was called Divodo, which was  located in the village Bergdorf  on the outskirts of eastern Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The name Divodo was an acronym for "Direkt vom Dorf”, meaning directly from the village. 

Every week "Grandpa Chu" came along and purchased some beef for his restaurant. Some day he told the butcher how hard it is to find suitable goods for a Chinese restaurant at that time. During dinner the family discussed the problem of "Grandpa Chu" and the idea was born to create a business that focuses on the trade of specialized goods. Contacts at home and abroad and ways to buy these special items were searched.

The office and warehouse, including vehicles, found space on the large courtyard in Lütau, Germany. After a few years the storage space became too small and the whole warehouse was moved to Hamburg, Germany. Many years the office in Lütau and the storage in Hamburg were used, which lead to daily travel between the two locations. In fall 2006, the office finally moved to Hamburg. Since then the warehouse and the office are combined at the same location.